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Portfolio Performance

QV Equities’ investment portfolio performance can be measured using the movement in Net Tangible Asset backing (NTA) per share.

As at 31 August 2021QVE Pre TaxQVE After TaxS&P/ASX 300 Ex20
1 Month+4.8%+3.5%+5.1%
3 Months+5.7%+4.4%+9.3%
1 Year+27.0%+18.9%+24.7%
3 Year*+3.0%+2.9%+9.5%
5 Year*+4.4%+4.2%+10.8%
Since Inception* (22 Aug 2014)+6.6%+5.7%+11.0%

*% Performance per annum.

It should be noted that QV Equities’ portfolio performance is calculated after deducting all administration expenses and tax, whereas share market indices do not take account of these costs.

QV Equities’ investment portfolio returns can vary from QV Equities’ share price returns due to the share price fluctuating between a discount and premium to QV Equities’ NTA. These variations mainly result from supply and demand imbalances and changes in sentiment in the market for QV Equities’ shares.