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NTA before tax as at 29 FEB 2020$1.03* (ex Div)
NTA after tax as at 29 Feb 2020$1.04* (ex Div)

*The before and after tax numbers relate to the provision for deferred tax on the unrealised gains/losses in the Company’s investment portfolio. The Company is a long term investor and does not intend disposing of its total portfolio. Under current Accounting standards, the Company is required to provide for tax on any gains/losses that might arise on such a theoretical disposal, after utilisation of brought forward losses.

ReportRelease DatePDF
February 2020 Investment Update11 March 2020200311_QVE_Update_Feb2020
January 2020 Investment Update10 February 2020200210_QVE_Update_Jan2020
December 2019 Investment Update8 January 2020200108_QVE_Update_Dec_2019
November 2019 Investment Update12 December 2019QVE_NTA_Nov_2019
October 2019 Investment Update8 November 2019191108_QVE_NTA_October_2019
September 2019 Investment Update10 October 2019191010__QVE_NTA_Sept2019
August 2019 NTA Announcement6 September 2019190906_QVE_NTA_August_2019
July 2019 NTA Announcement12 August 2019190809_QVE_NTA_July_2019
June 2019 NTA Announcement9 July 2019190709_QVE_NTA_June_2019
May 2019 NTA Announcement11 June 2019190611_QVE_NTA_May2019
April 2019 NTA Announcement7 May 2019190507_QVE_NTA_April2019
March 2019 NTA Announcement8 April 2019190311_QVE_NTA_February2019
February 2019 NTA Announcement11 March 2019190311_QVE_NTA_February2019
January 2019 NTA Announcement7 February 2019190207_QVE_NTA_January2019
December 2018 NTA Announcement8 January 2018190108_QVE_NTA_December_2018
November 2018 NTA Announcement10 December 2018181210_QVE_NTA_November2018
October 2018 NTA Announcement7 November 2018181107_QVE_NTA_October2018
September 2018 NTA Announcement10 October 2018181010_QVE_NTA_September2018
August 2018 NTA Announcement10 September 2018180910_QVE_NTA_August2018
July 2018 NTA Announcement9 August 2018180809_QVE_NTA_July2018
June 2018 NTA Announcement6 July 2018180706_QVE_NTA_June2018
May 2018 NTA Announcement6 June 2018180606_QVE_NTA_May_2018
April 2018 NTA Announcement7 May 2018180507_QVE_NTA_April_2018
March 2018 NTA Announcement6 April 2018180406_QVE_NTA_March_2018
February 2018 NTA Announcement7 March 2018180307_QVE_NTA_February2018
January 2018 NTA Announcement6 February 2018180206_QVE_NTA_January2018
December 2017 NTA Announcement9 January 2018180109_QVE_NTA_December2017
November 2017 NTA Announcement7 December 2017171207_QVE_NTA_November2017
October 2017 NTA Announcement8 November 2017171108_QVE_NTA_October_2017
September 2017 NTA Announcement10 October 2017171010_QVE_NTA_September_2017
August 2017 NTA Announcement08 September 2017170908_QVE_NTA_August_2017
July 2017 NTA Announcement08 August 2017170808_QVE_NTA_July_2017
June 2017 NTA Announcement10 July 2017170710_QVE_NTA_June_2017
May 2017 NTA Announcement7 June 2017170607_QVE_NTA_May_2017
April 2017 NTA Announcement5 May 2017170505_QVE_NTA_April_2017
March 2017 NTA Announcement11 April 2017170411_QVE_NTA_March_2017
February 2017 NTA Announcement8 March 20171634135
January 2017 NTA Announcement6 February 20171634135
December 2016 NTA Announcement6 January 20171634135
November 2016 NTA Announcement8 December 2016161208_qve_nta_november2016
October 2016 NTA Announcement8 November 2016161010_QVE_NTA_October2016
September 2016 NTA Announcement10 October 2016161010_qve_nta_september2016
August 2016 NTA Announcement6 September 2016160906_QVE_NTA_August2016
July 2016 NTA Announcement5 August 2016160805_QVE_NTA_July2016
June 2016 NTA Announcement8 July 2016QVE NTA_June 2016
May 2016 NTA Announcement6 June 2016QVE NTA_May 2016
April 2016 NTA Announcement6 May 2016QVE NTA_Apr 2016
March 2016 NTA Announcement6 April 2016160406_QVE NTA_Mar 2016
February 2016 NTA Announcement3 March 2016160303_QVE NTA_Feb 2016
January 2016 NTA Announcement5 February 2016QVE NTA_Jan 2016
December 2015 NTA Announcement8 January 2015160108_QVE_NTA_Dec_2015
November 2015 NTA Announcement9 December 2015151209_QVE_NTA_Nov 2015
October 2015 NTA Announcement9 November 2015151109_QVE_NTA_October_2015
September 2015 NTA Announcement9 October 2015QV Equities Ltd – 151009_QVE_NTA_September_2015
August 2015 NTA Announcement7 September 2015QV Equities Ltd – 150907_QVE_NTA_Aug 2015
July 2015 NTA Announcement11 August 2015QV Equities Ltd – 150811_QVE_NTA_July 2015
June 2015 NTA Announcement8 July 2015QV Equities Ltd – 150708_QVE_NTA_June_2015
May 2015 NTA Announcement9 June 2015QV Equities Ltd – 150609_QVE_NTA_May 2015
April 2015 NTA Announcement11 May 2015QV Equities Ltd – QVE_NTA_April 2015
March 2015 NTA Announcement13 April 2015QV Equities Ltd – QVE_ NTA_March2015
February 2015 NTA Announcement9 March 2015QV Equities Ltd – NTA _February2015
January 2015 NTA Announcement9 February 2015QV Equities Ltd – NTA _January2015
December NTA Announcement12 January 2014QV Equities Ltd – NTA _December2014
November NTA Announcement5 December 2014QV Equities Ltd – NTA _November2014
October NTA Announcement7 November 2014QV Equities Ltd – NTA October 2014
September NTA Announcement8 October 2014QV Equities Ltd – NTA September 2014
August NTA Announcement9 September 2014QV Equities Ltd – NTA August 2014
The above PDF Attachments detail QVE’s NTA & Performance as well as providing an overview into key equity holdings and our market commentary.