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Annual Reports

Annual & Half-Yearly Reports


ReportIssue DatePDF
Preliminary Annual Report 30 June 202118 August 2021210818_QVEPreliminaryAnnualReport_30June21
Full Year 2021 Results Announcement18 August 2021210818_QVEAnnualResultsAnnouncement_30June21
Half Year Results Announcement 31 December 202017 February 2021210217_QVEHalfYearResults_31Dec20
Half Year Report to 31 December 202017 February 2021210217_4D_HalfYearReport_31Dec20
Annual Report 30 June 202025 September 2020QVE_Annual_Report_2020
Preliminary Annual Report 30 June 202019 August 2020QVE_Preliminary_Annual_Report_2020
Full Year 2020 Results Announcement19 August 2020190814_30_June_2019_Results_announcement
HY20 Results and Interim Dividend Announcement14 February 2020200214_HY20_Results_Interim_Dividend_Announcement
Half Year Report to 31 December 201914 February 2020200214_HalfYearAccounts_31Dec2019
Annual Report 30 June 201919 September 2019190919_Annual_Report_30June2019
Full Year 2019 Results and Final Dividend Announcement14 August 2019190814_30_June_2019_Results_announcement
2019 Preliminary Annual Report14 August 2019190814_Preliminary_Final_Report
HY19 Results and Interim Dividend Announcement14 February 2019190214_HY19Results_Interim_dividend_announcement
Half Year Report to 31 December 201814 February 2019190214_HalfYearReport_31December2018
Annual Report 201824 September 2018180924_Annual_Report_30June2018
Full Year 2018 Results and Final Dividend Announcement15 August 2018180815_QVE_30_June_2018_Results_announcement
2018 Preliminary Annual Report15 August 2018180815_QVE_Appendix_4E_Annual_Report
Half Year Results 31 DEC 17 – Letter to shareholders14 February 2018180214_QVE_Half_Year_Results_ Interim_Dividend_Announcement
Half Year Report 31 DEC 1714 February 2018180214_QVE_Half_Year_Report_ 31Dec17
2017 Annual Report29 September 2017170929_Annual_Report_30_June_2017
2017 Preliminary Annual Report16 August 2017170816_Appendix_4E_Annual_Report_2017
DEC 2016 Half Year Results – Letter to shareholders15 February 20171702015_HY17results_interim_dividend_announcement
DEC 2016 Half Year Report15 February 20171702015_QVE_Half_Year_Results_31Dec16
2016 Annual Report22 September 2016160922-annual-report
2016 Preliminary Annual Report17 August 2016160817_Appendix_4E_2016_Annual_Report
DEC 2015 Half Year Results – Letter to shareholders10 February 2016160210_Interim_dividend_announcement
DEC 2015 Half Year Report10 February 2016160210_QVE_interum_report_10.2.2016
2015 Annual Report11 September 20153. QVE Annual Report 2015_Final
2015 Annual Report – Letter to shareholders26 August 2015QV Equities Ltd – a. Letter to shareholders as at 25.8.2015
2015 Preliminary Annual Report26 August 2015QV Equities Ltd – Appendix 4E_Annual_Report
2014 DEC Half Year Results – Letter to shareholders23 February 2014QV Equities Ltd – Media release _final 23.2.2015
2014 DEC Half Year Report23 February 2014QV Equities Ltd –Final Appendix 4D + IMQVEL 23 2 15 - signed