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Interim +2.0cents 3 April 2017 1702015_HY17results_interim_dividend_announcement
Final 16 +1.8cents 17 October 2016 160817_Letter_to_Shareholders_30_June_2016_Results
Interim 16 +1.5cents 4 April 2016 02 2016 Interim dividend press release
Final 15 +1.5cents 6 November 2015 10 2015 QVE Final Dividend note
Interim 15 +0.5cents 2 April 2015 QV Equities Ltd – QVE_Dividend_Chairmans_letter

The Company currently intends to pay a dividend to Shareholders twice a year. The amount of the dividend will be at the discretion of the Board and will depend on a number of factors, including future earnings, capital requirements, financial conditions, future prospects and other factors that the Board deem relevant. It is the current Board policy that all dividends paid to Shareholders will be franked to 100% or to the maximum extent possible.

Dividends will be paid out of the Company’s profit from its investment operations.

Franking credits on dividends received by QV Equities will be passed on to QV Equities shareholders through dividends that are fully or substantially franked, depending on tax credits available to the Company. The franked portion of QV Equities’ dividends provide tax benefits for Australian shareholders. Franked dividends also benefit overseas shareholders, since withholding tax is not deducted from such dividends.

Where possible, the LIC taxation benefits from profits earned from realised investment gains will be passed on to investors as dividends.


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